What is it?

True CIS Optimization®, or TCO methodology was born from years of assisting clients to rescue troubled projects.

Traditional implementation methodologies are designed for large scale replacement projects and have not been scalable for mid-range or smaller scale projects. TCO is designed to fully comprehend our clients’ goals, identify critical success factors, and tailor the overall implementation plan to minimize the time to implement and maximize the return on investment.

ESC leverages our prior experiences and pre-configured customized objects to exceed client requirements while establishing a fixed project budget and schedule.

How do we do it?

Our True CIS Optimization® covers all implementation phases

  • - PMO Establishment
  • - Business process comprehension
  • - Configuration
  • - Legacy Data Conversion
  • - RICEFW implementation
  • - Full scale testing
  • - Training
  • - Optimization
  • - Ongoing Application Management

What can it do for you?

TCO is modular and affords clients the opportunity to take responsibility for various project components while maintaining the project's overall integrity. The methodology uses best practices from Gartner, ITIL, SEI's CMMI, and COBIT enabling integration with international business and IT organization processes.

Regardless of your CIS project's size, hosting site, or vendor management practices, TCO can be tailored to suit your CIS project needs.